About me

    Hello there!

   My name is Lukasz Jarych, I am 30 years old and I am a Business Analyst in HR department. For years, improving business processes and developing myself have been my passion. Therefore, I can say that "Improving is in my DNA".

My daily work is a little like being an architect. I analyse my clients' needs, find ways to improve processes and plan how it can be done. I deliver solutions and ideas for clients and within internal teams. My role is not only connected with verifying business needs, clarifying all possibilites, analysing costs - I also implement various solutions as a VBA Developer.

  Additionally, I love learning foreign languages like English, Russian and currently German. For me, Russian is not only a language - it is culture, books, films and translations. Find out what I can do for you!

Lukasz Jarych, founder


I care about my clients' needs and requirements


I belive in open communication between me and my clients


I always try to find the best possible solution

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