Improvements and automations (macros)

If you want somebody to do all automations and robotics in your Microsoft Office Applications - you are in the right place. 
I am doing all automations connected with Microsoft Office Environment: Outlook, Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, Share Point etc.

A few examples what I can do for you:

  • fasten all reports, doing automatically pivot tables, creating analyses and different formulas
  • tracking movements within your folders (was your file deleted?)
  • doing macros which consolidate several workbooks into big one
  • creating dynamic tables with references in order to make validation lists
  • preparing templates for users and sheets for doing automated reports
  • creating trackers for many users
  • preparing advanced rules for receiving e-mails in Outlook
  • connecting Excel with Word and automatically fill fields
  • creating PDFs from automated Excels
  • joining Microsoft Office Applications in order to use one source data
  • clearing data, making order in your workbooks...

           ...and a lot of other things! Write to me and find out what exactly.